Monday, August 01, 2005

We're All to Stupid, Odds and Ends

We're All To Stupid

I read an interesting article in the CountryFolks newspaper today. The basic theme of the article was that globalism is good and the average farmer is to stupid to understand it. It was a lot of the same old BS about free trade, and even though our businesses seem to be doing poorly we need to remember that we are also consumers......and lets not forget global free trade is goood for consumers. The final paragraph is the one that burned me up. We should be thankful that even though we are a bunch of backward uneducated hicks, we have a network of established land grant univerisities to explain it all to us and show us how to compete with the rest of the world. They even went on to tell us how extra lucky we are that we live in NY, home of Cornell, the sourse of all realivent agricultural knowlege. GIVE ME A BREAK! Never mind its these fools that got us all in the mess we're in now. One word of advice, stay away from the land grant experts.

Odds and Ends

A New And Modified Declaration of Independence has been penned by Bret McAtee. I think its time.

Chad Degenhart has answered the Agrarian critics charge of legalism.

I can’t emphasise enough what an important concept this is, because some Christians have taken the position that the Christian-Agrarian critique of industrialised society is legalistic. They ask, “where in the Bible does God prohibit us from expanding our businesses as much as we possibly can, and where does he place limits on our freedom to industrialise and specialise?” Our answer is simply this - those limits occur naturally, and are as real as the law of gravity. When we obey God’s moral laws, we don’t have to worry about how much is too much. Our current industrialised economy is highly unnatural, and ONLY possible because we have abandoned honest money and adopted a usurious system which breaks down any and all naturally occuring economic boundaries. Even the pagan Greenspan recognised this, and his distaste for those natural boundaries is why he tried to make a logical case for the necessity of the modern banking system, the system he now serves as Chairman and Chief Apologist.

Thus the agrarian ideal is truly an appeal to God’s law above all else. When we abandon our current economic system which is based on false weights and measures, deceptive merchandising, counterfeit (fiat) money, and usury, we’ll find ourselves in the middle of an agrarian economy.

Read it all here..... Greenspan’s Plan

Iowa family farm leaders challenge USDA agenda

One Man's Veiws on Peak Oil

If as a society we have a different goal than "subduing the earth" in this Biblical sense, then we are in outright corporate rebellion against our Maker. If we are employed in work that undermines this Divine plan, or we are in a legitimate field, but using methods which work against the purpose of God, we are also in rebellion against God. We cannot excuse ourselves by saying,"I have to make a living!" God knows how to provide for those who put His purposes ahead of their own earthly interests. Howard King's Foundations


At 8/01/2005 6:37 PM, Blogger Northern Farmer said...

I hear you Scott! Us stupid farmers just don't get it.You got my blood boiling now. When I get done with oats I hope to pickup on this subject.No time now. But you can bet it'll be in my mind brewing while I'm working in the fields.



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