Sunday, April 03, 2005

Rain, Rain Go Away

How highs the water Papa?
4 foot high and risin'
How highs the water Momma?
4 foot high and risin'
The cows in water up past her knees
The chickens is roostin' in the willow trees
Its already over all the wheat and oats
4 foot high and risin'

I thought of this old Johnny Cash song today. When we got out of church today Rebecca noticed that the river was only a few hundred feet from the building. They had closed the road and everything. Please pray that Crown and Covenant RPC dosen't float away! Today I was glad to get back on top of my hill.


At 4/04/2005 2:59 PM, Blogger reformed farmer said...

Just found out its flooded.

At 4/06/2005 8:24 AM, Blogger Puritan Mama said...

Scott, can you recommend a reputable web-nursery for fruit trees? Our first project is putting in the small orchard.
Thanks for all your advice!
Stay dry - I've been praying for your family.

At 4/06/2005 12:29 PM, Blogger reformed farmer said...

Thanks for the prayers. We are high and dry up on the hill! Our church on the other hand got it pretty bad. Millers is a great place for fruit trees and berries. They can be found at....

I will be praying for you folks. Hope your move goes well, and hope your orchard is fruitfull!



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