Monday, March 28, 2005

Another Reason to Homestead

There are a lot of reasons to start your own homestead. Give your kids a place to learn responsibility and a good work ethic. Learn to depend more on God, and marvel at his creation. The other reason usually gets me funny looks. This is where most of my friends shake their heads and say, "Oh, that Scott!" The other reason is survival. This society is on its last leg. Our money is worthless, our economy is based on debt, the cities are filled with educated fools who can't do anything for themselves, we are becoming a net food importer, gas and oil prices are out of site, and we are morally corrupt. The last one is what is going to be the nail in the coffin. God's judgment will come, and we deserve the worst He can dish out. If there is any hope for a Christian society in North America, it will be built be the faithful remnet that survives and will rise from the ashes. We need more of this kind of postmill thinking and less of the sci-fi, everythings peachy outlook we're being spoon fed today. Much to the surprise of my dispy friends, the end of the world it ain't.....just the end Pagan Amerika. So grow a garden, shoot deer, learn how things work and how to live the simple life. Even if I'm wrong you'll still be better off than you are now.


At 4/01/2005 3:29 AM, Blogger reformed farmer said...

I should make a note here. I am not a hide in your bunker retreatist. I work very hard a trying to build Agrarian Christian Culture. I pray we can fix this mess without a disaster, but I also prepare for that possiblity.



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