Thursday, March 31, 2005

Opting Out, Simple Living

Rick Saenz is Opting out of the Walmart culture. Heres a taste.......

"Today I took the first step in implementing a similar decision by going to a new grocery store. We've decided for various reasons to stop taking money from our pocket and putting it into Wal-Mart's pocket. Again, our intention is not to send any sort of message to Wal-Mart; they just happen to have blazed the trail for what we think is a very bad trend in modern life, and we'd like to distance ourselves from what they're doing. And we'd like to prove to ourselves that low prices aren't important enough to us to make us compromise in other areas."

Hats off to Rick. He is a man who dose act on his convictions! We are trying very hard to wean ourselves off the Walmart beast.

You may want to read Rick's posts on Simple living. They are very good and I think everyone can learn something reading them.


At 3/31/2005 8:54 AM, Blogger abigail said...

I enjoyed Rick's post. I wonder if he has an ALDI nearby? Low grocery prices AND scripture on the egg cartons!

On a related note, John folks take us out to eat when they visit, and we always graciously oblige. Over a plate of barbecued pork at a local rib pit, he talked about the same (only in regard to restaurants). So, after I find that buried treasure and we're all rich enough to dine out weekly, let's remember the local rib pits and steer clear of Friendly's!

At 4/01/2005 3:33 AM, Blogger reformed farmer said...


I read an article not long ago about a Diner that only used locally produced food. From the pork to the onions all grown in the local town. Neat idea.


At 4/04/2005 6:35 PM, Blogger abigail said...

I agree!


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