Saturday, October 22, 2005

Busy Week

I spent some time yesterday pulling logs up out of the woods for firewood. Its going to start raining again, and I wanted to get some ahead so I wouldn't be fighting the mud. I love the smell of fresh split firewood. Its one of them smells that triggers something in your mind, makes you think "Winters coming---better work faster". Fall is a time to reflect on what you acomplished during the summer. The farmers list of what he got done is always smaller than the list of what needed doing, around here at least. To top off the food cache, we just killed a 980 pound steer for the freezer. We are hankerin' down for the long, cold winter. Thanks to the TNfarmgirl for prodding us back into the soap business. We have been up until 11pm making batches for the last couple of nights. Building up an inventory for what we hope will be a profitable addition to our little farm. We planted our first garlic crop this year. We tried Music and Siberian. If it works out, we will plant a more sizable crop next year. I've also been working on a website for our direct market stuff. Nothing fancy, and I'm doing it myself, so keep your expectations low. When I get it done I'll give a link. So thats what I've been up to.

Here is a Garlic Article from New Farm.

You will never guess who changed his identity and started another blog. Look Who I Found.


At 10/22/2005 4:13 PM, Blogger KSmilkmaid said...

It is so great to hear your joy over fire wood. I too have paused for a reflection of this past summer. It was a good and very busy summer.

I am really excited to start dabbling in garlic and soap too. Just wish there were enough of me to go around. Oh well, maybe when some of the littler ones get bigger we can have them take these projects on.

On the website, if you need any help. I highly highly recommend Valerie Mints. She did such a good job at a very low price for us. It is within the frugal budget for sure. I actually paid her more because our business surged and she did such a good job. She took the plain and made it so professional. I didn't have to do much on the layout just sent her pics and stuff and some basic ideas. She did such a good job. Anyway check her out if you are interested. She does Amy's and a few others too. Can't remember who all.


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