Friday, August 05, 2005

Reformed Agrarian Fashion

Here you go Carmon. Keith just emailed some pictures of Laura in her camo skirt. Someday folks will notice that all the "real women" they know are all dressed like this. Just remember, you saw it first on Homesteader Life.


At 8/08/2005 12:00 PM, Blogger buie said...

Now that's a woman!

At 8/14/2005 5:48 PM, Blogger Carmon Friedrich said...

Sorry it took so long, Scott, but thanks for the picture. I'm very inspired to sew one up for this fall. I've looked online for pre-made camo skirts, but they're all a lot shorter than a prairie muffin ought to wear. Maybe we could start a new prairie muffin trend and get out of that denim jumper rut.

Farmer Buie, you know, I'm sure, that you'll need to talk to that young lady's father if you want to know more about her. However, if she's wearing camo, I'd be very careful about how you approach her father.


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