Saturday, July 09, 2005

Wise Counsel

In the rare case that you are not a regular reader of Chad Degenhart's Blog, I took the liberty of sniping this comment from this Post.

So where’s the best place to be for an agrarian community?

A place where believers will humble themselves and truly keep covenant together long enough to build it. Though good land is certainly important, it is by no means the first priority. Biblical agrarian community is a long-term project that will take multiple generations of tested, tried, and humbled, but persevering believers, especially in a culture whose chiefest goal is personal autonomy and comfort. Though it’s likely a prudent thing to do given the horrific state of our nation, moving to a small farm with good land in a rural area where a few other believers live does not constitute community. Biblical community occurs when a concentrated number of believers come together and through faithful, covenantal obedience become sufficient salt and light to take biblical dominion in stewarding the Lord’s earth according to His will. History has clearly proven that biblical community is far easier pontificated on then actually done. Even so, may we all, though we may be in fear and trembling, “cross the Atlantic” by faith in boldly taking those first and most difficult steps in building true Christian Community like those who signed the Mayflower Compact and sealed its success with their very lives.

Rev Thomas C. McConnell


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