Tuesday, July 05, 2005

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Leah and Noah are off to a wedding shower, so John and I went fishin' after milking. We caught some sunfish out of a pond and are fixin' to eat em. It just started raining. We need rain, so I'm happy. The milk tester is comming in the morning. Thats when the DHIA man comes and weighs all the milk and takes a sample for the fat and protein. These are the numbers that show up on our girls pedigrees. Its a pain in the neck, but something you have to do if you want to market cattle. I was attacked today by a R.I. Red rooster. He better watch his step cause I got a hankering for chicken and dumplings. Not much new or exiting on the old farm today. I finally sent out the soap to our lucky winner. She should get it soon. Tom (Northern Farmer) sent me an email picture of his OP corn. It looks great, mabey he'll put it up on his blog. Last night we watched fireworks from our 50 acre lot on top of the hill. When we pulled in there were already 3 generations of Johnsons, neighbors-inlaws, sitting on round bales enjoying the show. We could see fireworks from 5 different towns, some over 20 miles away. Its a big hill. HA HA, I just looked over at John and the little guys sleeping already, its only 7:30, I suppose a day full of farmin' and fishin' tuckered him out. Oh yeah, we got our invoice thingy today for the Salatin Feild Day. We paid before July first so we got the cheaper rate. I think there is still time to reserve a spot, so if you can go you better Click Here and pay up. Hope to meet some of you all out there.

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At 7/05/2005 7:26 PM, Anonymous evermoor said...

Ah the joys of summer on the farm. I almost wished we had a hill like that but everything around here is pretty flat so we can still see most of other towns shows. We just tested tonite, luckily it wasn't hot or rainy so things went OK. Other than boss Mother in law is having a hissing about the "show cows" thing and the poor tester was stuck in our little fued. Ah well we just chuckled about it and I apologized for the extra drama.


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