Friday, July 01, 2005

Real Bread and a Solar Project

Real Bread

You've probably heard the saying "The whiter the bread, the quicker your dead". There are endless health reasons to grind your own flour and make "real bread". Today, I'm not going to go into all the "health reasons" why we do it. Health aside, its just plain better. First of all, there is a great sense of accomplishment in grinding your own flour. It is also far tastier than any mass produced stuff masquerading as bread at the store. Grinding flour is something anyone can do, in fact its a great step toward a more agrarian life. We like to grind it fresh every time we make bread. If we have any left over we put in the freezer and use it up on the next batch. If your thinking about getting a mill, I can endorse This One. This is the one we have and it works great. There may be others out there that work good too, this is the only one we have ever had. If anyone wants to plug their favorite mill, feel free to comment.

Solar Project

This is a neat article in the newest issue of Countryside. Its not going to wean you off the powerlines all together by any means, but it may be a neat way to start messing around with solar and learn the basics.


At 7/05/2005 6:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you mind asking your wife how long it takes to grind wheat for bread? My husband would prefer to get a manual grinder, but the only woman I ever knew with one scared me away from them with her complaints. Thanks for the help.
Mrs. B


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