Monday, July 04, 2005

Morning on the Hill

It is a fine morning here in the hill country. The cows are milked and back outside grazing, there is a fresh cow and a little baby on the side hill waiting to be brought down to the barn. The birds are very chirpy today and have almost emptied out the feeders. I will have to harvest some more snap peas out of the garden today. The tomotoes are doing very well and are loaded with green fruit. I may still plant yet another patch of bush beans. We use a lot of beans. We like to spread out the harvest so we don't get overwelmed. My friend John stopped by last night and gave me a copy of Journal of a Trapper by Osborne Russell that he found at a used bookstore. It is the story and observations of a rocky mountian fur trapper from 1834-1843. I read the boys a great story out of it last night before bed. The story of the first grizzly bear that they shot. My boys both aspire to be bear killers, so they enjoyed it very much. We had a treat on the Lord's Day. The Rev Harrington preached. He is an elder in our church, the elderest elder. He is a short man with gray hair, a gray beard and a scottish accent. The first reformed sermon I ever heard was by the Rev Harrington. He is a gifted teacher and speaker and his sermons are always a pleasure to hear. Yesterdays sermon was on Christ's office of King. A much neglected doctrine of the church today, understanding the Kingship of Christ is very important to living the Christian life.


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