Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Its Gonna Be A Busy Day

Well folks, don't have time to post anything interesting today. My sister-in-law and her family arrive today for a visit. I have both tractors broke down and a mess of hay in windrows waiting to be baled. The 4030 is hooked to a load of manure and its starter died. The international is sitting in the field hooked to the baler with some sort of fuel problem. Just ate some breakfast and now I'm going to go see how much I can get done before the heat gets to bad. On the brighter side, I have a young man, he's 11 I think, here for the week. He's a pretty good helper so I'll leave some of the barn chores for him to do while I go turn wrenches. Me and Johnny ate the first snap peas in the garden this morning. The regular peas are looking fine, its gonna be a good harvest. Hope you all have a wonderfull day, I'll check back later.


At 6/28/2005 7:19 PM, Blogger Northern Farmer said...

If the starter on your 4030 is basically the same as the 4320 I'll say a little prayer for you.


At 6/29/2005 5:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HS, too bad I am in TX, or I would come and turn some wrenches with you......

At 6/29/2005 5:56 AM, Blogger reformed farmer said...


Does the 4320 need a "John Deere Specialty Wrench"? This one does! There is absolutly no way to remove it without this curly, twisted 9/16 wrench that the dealer will gladly sell you. It took me 2 days to figure this out a couple years ago when I did my first JD starter!

At 6/29/2005 5:58 AM, Blogger reformed farmer said...


Start drivin', I'll probably still be working on it! :)

At 6/29/2005 6:22 AM, Blogger Northern Farmer said...

Yes sir! That's what I was talking about. That 9/16s head way back and around the front of the starter. I did it without the JD tool by some wild socket set combinations, u-joints and the like.I've discovered since that a crows foot wrench will do the job with a long ratchet extension.Glad to hear that you know how because it can really ruin a day otherwise.



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