Tuesday, April 12, 2005


After all the rain we have been blessed with a spell of warm weather. Hence the grass is greening. The pastures are started to turn from the dead brown color to living green. We have started getting the fence chargers out, replacing lost insulators, charging up 12 volt batteries and such. Soon, very soon we will be out pulling up the down wires, patching them where the deer have broke them, and tightening the corners. Turn out is my favorite time of year. The endless barn chores suddenly are gone. The cows feed themselves and sleep under the stars. Grass farming is becoming more popular, and I am pleased. Grassed based farming is really the only way people can enter agriculture these days without taking on tons of debt. Here are a few links for those interested in grass based systems.

The Stockman Grass Farmer
You can request a free copy of the magazine



At 4/13/2005 12:42 PM, Anonymous evermoor said...

I was too tempted and let some of the girls out before I fixed fence. Now They won't stay in the yard. God bless electric fence. My neighbors think I'm a wackoo cause we stake the babies on the lawn instead of meticulously mowing it. I guess it gets them to slow down a little.


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