Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hill Top Happenings

Sorry for my lack of posts lately. The first part of the week we were all sick with some stomach bug. We are all better now and getting back into the swing of things. For a few days I was the one man army around here and I'm feeling pooped. Thankfully, my brother helped me with silage feeding both ends of the day but I still had to keep hoppin' to get it all done. Wendsday, when I went to start the afternoon milking the transformer that runs the pulsation for the milking system shorted out and burned itself out. After several hours of troubleshooting and and an emergancy call from the service folks we were back running. I have not got the bill yet, but I'm sure it will be several thousand dollars. The joys of dairy farming. If you think its going bad, just will get worse! We have a meeting with the folks from Organic Valley next week, I think. We are still weighing the pros and cons on certification. The sap business is really poor this year. The first run didn't amount to a hill of beans. I didn't have enough to fire up the evaporator, so I let it sit. We got one whale of a cold spell and it froze up soild! The sap started running a bit yesterday and the tank is thawing out. Hoping to boil the begining of the week, at this rate I'll be lucky to have enough for myself. I've started getting some calls on broilers. I wasn't sure if I was going to bother with them this year, but now I'm thinking I might. Did I mention, I'm Ready For Spring!!!! This morning a woke up to another fresh blanket of snow.

In other news....Gwen and Mark will be moving to NY. They won't be to awfull far away from us and we look forward to them visiting.


At 3/25/2006 9:36 PM, Blogger Scott Holtzman said...

Yea! for NEW posting, Boo for stomach bugs, Yea! for feeling better, Boo for poop, Yea! for helpful brothers, boo for expensive broken equipment, Yea! for farming, boo for slow saps, Yea! for broilers, boo for cold weather, Yea! for Gwen & Mark........

(I think that about covers it, Brooke made me post this - to my reading out loud of events......sorry... :^s

At 3/25/2006 9:37 PM, Blogger Scott Holtzman said...

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At 3/25/2006 9:46 PM, Blogger Scott Holtzman said...

I ment to say boo for being pooped, not the other way around, apoligies!

At 3/27/2006 3:08 AM, Blogger Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Scott,

Sorry to hear of your problems. Take heart, spring IS coming. Sunshine and warmth can do a lot to lift one's spirits.

You and I are in the same situation with sap. Yesterday I collected half of a 55 gallon barrel of sap and today looks good for the flow. Tomorrow looks even better. I think we're into the "season" this week.

I read an article in the newspaper about the Marathon Maple festival coming up this next weekend. The guy they interviewed said it has been a great year for making maple syrup-- that the producers around there had made more already this year than last and it was especially sweet. I found that hard to believe.

I'm not that far from Marathon. Don't you live around there?

Best wishes,

At 3/27/2006 5:29 AM, Blogger reformed farmer said...

Hey Scott

You can say poop on my blog :)


Yes a ree bob, the sap has started running! Just stopped in for a qiuck bite and I'm off to fire the evaporator up. The 150 gallon tank is full and my buckets are running over. I too find the "great season" quote to be hard to believe. I'm not very far from there. Happy boiling to you and the boys!

At 3/27/2006 11:31 AM, Blogger Patti said...

I was raised on a dairy in So. Calif. and winters were bad enough there. I can't imagine what it is like in the great frozen north. It seems the dairies around here have a loafing shed for the cows in winter. I bet cleaning it is fun ;) Blessings..Patti..

At 3/27/2006 8:59 PM, Anonymous ksmilkmaid said...

Good to hear an update Scott. Glad you all are feeling better.

At 3/28/2006 3:58 AM, Blogger Jim Bob Howard said...

Scott, glad to see you back. I've also been remiss about hitting your blog, but I've added it to my GMail Web Clips, so I won't miss anymore.

We're just getting started homesteading and look forward to hearing how things are going with you and learning quite a bit.

We've gotten part of the garden in (rest going in this week, if I can figure out how to build a fence around it to keep the critters out), and planted some cherries and blueberries. Next step, fly out to Seattle to learn how to build a log home, then get some chickens for meat and eggs. (My family thinks I'm crazy! But, then they may have a point.)

Jim Bob


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