Thursday, March 02, 2006

This and That

Acres USA is sponcering the Polyface Farm Intensive Discovery Seminars. Click Here for the details.

This looks like a good book.

Gene Logsdon tells us about "What he learned from his Grandpaws."

Farming Magazine has a another good article titled Sabbath Farming in the winter issue. The article is supposed to be online, but the link is not working. Give it try latter, perhaps they will fix it.

Joel Salatin speaks out against VA Poultry Proposal.

My old friend John got to deliver his own baby! Welcome Susannah Wren

In case you missed it,our old freind Heidi, aka Puritan Mama, stopped in the other day. Glad to know she is alive and well! For those who are newcommers here, Heidi was a regular commenter here in the early days. She and her family moved on to a non-electric homestead in Indiana and this is the first we've heard from her since.


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