Monday, March 13, 2006

A Break in the Weather...So a break from the Blog

This past week we had temps in the 50's so I suddenly had a burst of energy! Tuesday we tapped some maples, about 25 buckets hanging. I've been busy getting everything together to start boiling. So far the yields are poor. The end of the week we will be back in the 20's so we might get another run or two....I hope. We have been hauling manure out of the heifer barns. Its getting a little soft out there now, so we will get some more out when the ground freezes back up. We have to get the manure out early so it has time to break down. The key to good hay yields out here, is a good dose of manure. This year we are hoping to get the farm more selfsufficient in the hay department. I am happy to report that the garlic lived through the winter. Looks like it all came up. The extended family, My folks and us, are researching the possibility of going certified organic with the dairy. Lots of figurin' and thinkin' and prayin' going on. Dad is willing to think about it, IF we can prove it will all pencil out. The organic grain is very expensive and would be the only really big change in how we farm now. Oh yah, the water is thawed! After almost a month without any up on the hill, it finally thawed under ground. Only problem is a few busted pipes under the house that need fixing. Well, I've got some feeding to do, some cows to milk and an evaporator to get up and runnin', so I've got to hit the trail now.


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