Friday, June 24, 2005

Wild Strawberries n' Toads

Last night after milking I worked at draging out the brush I trimed out of the orchard this spring. While I was plugging away Little John came running up, "Dad!!!, I found strawberries!". He had found some wild strawberries and wanted to share with his pappa. He spent the whole evening finding and eating them. The only thing he stopped for was to catch toads that he put in a cage. Before bed he let his toads go so they could in his words, "Go find their families". What a way to grow up. I couldn't help but think that some where there is a little kid cooped up in a city appartment watching "Barney" or playing video games. Thank God for wild strawberries and toads.

Wendsday we had visitors. They were nice folks, Baptist missionaries. They were city folk and couldn't believe "how far back in the sticks" we lived. We introduced them to raw milk, which they couldn't get enouph of, and I think I have convinced them that Reformed Presbyterians are Christians.

Tonight the Owens are coming out from the Buffalo area. The Newman clan will be out as well. It is always fun to get the saints together for a night of lively discussion. Who knows, we may even get out some of that homebrew.

Chuck and Ann have a dream and a Blog. Stop by a say howdy.

Chad Deganhart has an interesting take on the latest court decision. I hadn't thought of it this way. Supreme Court Paves Way For Theocratic City-States?

Mr. Kimball asks, Am I a Desperate Agrarian?


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