Tuesday, May 24, 2005

News From the Home Place, Bush, BSE, and CAFTA

Howdy to all. I wanted to post something last night, but we had a state wide phone meeting for the NY Constitution Party at 9pm that used up what time I had. Leah, the boys and I built "pig fence" last night after milking. I took John and Noah over to pick out some piglets 2 days ago, and Larry said he'd save some for us. The boy's chicks are fast growing into chickens! We have settled on limiting the pastured broilers to 50 birds this year. We need to work on marketing and advertising. If it looks like demand will be strong we can raise more next time around. We will be ordering them and more layer replacements pretty soon. We have finally got some rain. Pastures are getting short, cows have almost made it through all the rotations already. We usually have more grass than we need, this year its just about right. Temp is cooler than normal. Its only in the 50s this week. The garden is ahead of what it usually is, so we're happy about that. Leah got a good deal on a pressure canner last Sat and we gave it to Rebecca for a late birthday present on Sunday after church. Getting canners in the hands of able bodied housewives is a good thing indeed! We ate some canned beef yesterday at lunch. If you've never done it you just gotta give it a try. We have some loin roasts in mason jars as well as stew meat. Get done late outside, no problem, just pop the top and heat it up.......so tender and what flavor! Every so often at butcher time we keep some out fresh and can it instead of freezing, time consuming work but well worth the effort.

I thought this was a good example of more Bush Idolatry ,brought to us by Lee R. Shelton IV.

As long as I'm going on about old Bush again, Why does he keep trying to open the Canadian border up for cattle and beef imports. Never mind for a minute that the border closing has helped the US dairy and beef farmers finally make a little money for once. Not having to compete with the highly subsidized Canadian beef and the flood of dairy heifers that feed the factory farm boys has helped out the small farmers here a great deal. But the real stinker of it is this, the beef ain't safe folks. Those pesky neighbors to the north have decreased BSE (mad cow) testing by some 28% since they found the 2 cows in January. They are doing every thing possible not to find any more positive cows while knowing full well that they have got many more infected. You need to read some of the stuff that R-Calf has put together Here. They had a press release in the Counrtyfolks newspaper that was really an eye opener. My big question is why dose Bush and his cronies in Washington seem to be so intent on opening up the border. Farmers in this country will suffer and the consumers will be eating beef that is infected with BSE. It just don't make sense.

CAFTA is another thorn in my backside lately. The big shots keep talking about all the exports we will be sending out. The combined economies of these countries is about the size New Haven Conn. Thats right folks, all we will be exporting is more jobs. This agreement stinks for us and them. The global corporations and agribusiness giants will be the only ones to win. Workers and farmers will continue to be exploited, all for the sake of our new god.....the Global Economy.

Wow, I'm quite a complainer today. Lets end this on a happy note. The boys have become avid fossil hunters. They are very proud of their collection. It is a lot of fun to set back and watch them digging through the rock piles. When they find a good one they come running over to dad and proudly show off the latest find. Perhaps I should spend a little time digging fossils instead of griping about the globalist elite so much.


At 5/25/2005 5:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you brought up R-Calf Scott. Thank's for spreading the word. In the midwest and west it's growing fast. Here in Minnesota family daiy farmers are joining up for the reasons you mentioned. Spread the word to the dairies and beef operations in your area. When I joined 3 years ago we had 5000 members, it's now close or over 15000 and becoming a force to be reckoned with. The fight against the New World Order is being fought out here and we need your help.

Tom Scepaniak

At 5/25/2005 11:42 AM, Blogger reformed farmer said...

Hey Tom

I will be spreading the word. This is a interesting time for agriculture, if we stick together perhaps we can beat them. There seems to be a lot more cooperation between farmers now than there had been in the past. I hope its a sign of whats to come in the future! Keep up the fight.


At 5/25/2005 5:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's one little tid bit from the Cattlemen's Journal that I recieved today from R-Calf. Some food for thought. It's a quote from Mike Karrels, a cow-calf producer from Terry,MT.This was at the court hearing in Billings about the Canadian Border. Makes anyone who beleives in our form of government take notice.

Quote, "Sitting in that courtroom, listening to the USDA attorneys argue their case, reminded me of being at the International Trade Commission Hall during the trade case filed in 1999."(I love this part),"You have American citizens working for the U.S. government that are charged with protecting the interests of American citizens pleading the case of foreign interests."

I think the days are over of looking at the USDA to help out our own farmers and ranchers. I just wanted to add the above quote because of the 180 degree change of direction our government has gone through the last few years. Guess that's why I'm another Republican that has gone to the Constitution Party.


At 5/26/2005 4:59 PM, Blogger Matt said...

The last three days I've been at a Dairy Conference on current and up-and-coming issues. Naturally, BSE was one of the topics covered.

I've got a couple things to throw out on the table.
First, and obviously, diseases don't recognize national borders. Persons that treat the US and Canada as discreet bubbles sidestep the real issue. So in terms of BSE, the entire North American continent is at similar risk.

Second, the food safety policy of the US and Canada are virtually identical since 1997(even Mexico in 2000). This helps buttress my first point.

Third, total surveillance goals by the end of '05 will be 100% beyond original USDA recommended figures.

Forth, from a epidemiological standpoint, BSE is no longer a threat regardless of border status. So all this comsumer hype is just that, hype.

Fifth, the only reason the border isn't open is because of politics, not food safety. The only pockets being packed by the border closing is Canadian businessmen who built meat processing plants.

Sixth, one of the results of BSE will be a National Animal Identification System (NAIS). Love it or lump it, it's coming (mandatory '09). I like to compare it to the forced regulation of milkcans to bulktanks.

A word to the wise, stay away from Japanese beef.


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