Friday, May 06, 2005

Hey, You remember the time......

I don't know why I thought of this story or why I feel compelled to put it on here. I guess it was hearing that old Hank SR song while milking, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I was 17 I think. The work was done and I was getting ready to go have some fun. Mother was doing the dishes while I put on my boots and headed out the door. I fired up the old truck and headed out to Nate and Ethans. The truck was a sight to see, an orange 78 GMC with rust holes in the doors. The floor had a big hole in it. I was proud of that hole and used to brag that you could spit through it in the winter when it was to cold to open the window. I was headed out to do some blacksmithing with the boys. We were taking a break from our ussual evening activity of ressurecting old farmalls and horse drawn sickle bar mowers. I loved blacksmithing. We had a nice shop there that we built from scratch. We even made the beams from logs Ethan had cut. I remember stopping to get gas. I bought $5 worth which was a good mess of gas back then. I also bought a pouch of chewing tobacco, I don't recall what kind. The music was Hank, steel guitar and twang. The tape player worked if you stuck a flat head screwdriver in under the tape to prop it up a little. I pulled into the their drive when it was still light out. The chickens, half a dozen or so, were scratching around the shed. The old guernsey cow was eating grass in the back pasture. Mother was out in the garden wearing in a long dress, as always. The windmill was spinning pretty good, they made their own power by the way. Along the drive way there was a row new fence posts. 4 strands of barbed wire were streched tight, shining in the sun. I stoped the truck there where I alwas did. Mother was hollorin' to the men folk. Father came running from the shop like it was on fire. Ethan came out of the cow barn on a dead run. They each grabed a chunk of split firewood and stuck it under my back wheels. You see, that new row of fence posts hadn't been there long. We put em up the night before. I had parked my truck and walked to the barn. The truck popped out of park and rolled at fast pace down the driveway then off the driveway. It snaped off half a dozen posts before it stopped!


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