Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sheep, Quilts, and the Motto


The bible is full of agricultural word/pictures. Since we as a people have been, for the most part, far removed from are agrarian roots we sometimes miss the point. I remember one time in Sabbath school we were talking about the word meditate. Which in Hebrew was the same as ruminate. We who own cattle were quick to jump all over the great similarities between the cows digestive system and the way we meditate. I have come to the conclusion that all seminaries should have a small flock of sheep. Before you were sent out into the world, you would have to take your turn being a shepherd. If anyone wants to study Psalm 23 should just get some sheep. For those who don't know, sheep are the stupidest critter on earth. If all you see are the sheep (saints) peacefully grazing on the hill side you done did miss the point! Those sheep rely on the shepherd for everything! If you think the shepherd is just lazy guy sitting under a tree watching his flock, you miss the point again. The shepherd takes care of every need of his sheep. This is no easy task since sheep are always making stupid choices and trying to kill themselves. He is no wimp, he fights off wolves, dogs, lions, and thieves. Anyhow, I think owning sheep at least once in your life will help you better understand the shepherd-sheep relationship.


OK, all you lady folk can make yourselves useful by helping out Abigail with her quilt. A fine agrarian pastime, quilt making is. Now, before you jump all over me.....I was not implying that you were not doing something useful. Just a phrase we use on the farm.

The Motto
Valerie has worked her magic on Mr. Kimball's motto. Looks pretty good.


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