Monday, May 02, 2005

Fences and Milk

The Fence

Its never a good sign when a stranger comes in the barn during morning milking. It happened on the Lord's Day. Sometimes its a guy out of gas, someone that hit a critter, or someone to drunk to find their way home. This guys son went off the road at drove through my new 5 strand high tensil fence! These fences are built like a brick sh....outhouse. He went through it and broke off a post. The fence just bounced back in place and set the broken post back in its spot. This poor fool couldn't figure out how to get out. He told me he was going to cut the wires. I informed him he was not. Then he got stuck in the mud. We took the tractor over to pull him out and he still wanted to cut the wires. We pointed out the gate! After all this he says "I don't know what the big deal is about this fence, its just a fence. I could fix it." Somehow I don't think a man that can't idenify a gate is going to be able to fix the fence, so we send him on his way. The whole time this guys here, he acts like we did something wrong by owning a fence. It was in his way, you know.

Milk Comes From Where?

The other day a fellow brought his son over at milking time to prove that milk comes from cows. The boy was skeptical. I asked him where he thought it came from. He said, "Sea Weed". "Sea Weed! Who in the world told you that?" his father said. "My teacher" the boy replies, "And I saw it on TV". Before he left a rooster walked by the barn door. I hear the lad ask, "Do chickens give milk too?" Folks, you can't make this stuff up!


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