Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ground Cherry

This is an interesting fruit that I had never heard of. I think I will try to grow some this year. This is what I have learned about them.......Ground cherries were recorded as early as 1837 in Pennsylvania. Fruits are ½ to ¾" in diameter and are encased in a papery husk that turns brown when the fruits ripen. Stores 3-4 weeks in the husk.They are extremely productive plants that have a sprawling habit and grow 18" tall and 24" wide.They have an excellent citrus flavor, can be used for preserves, pies, over ice cream or in fresh fruit salads. They start fruiting by the end of July and continues until frost and a little beyond, and are very productive. Has anyone out there ever seen one before? Ever ate any? I am always looking for a new kind of jelly to put on homeade bread, and I think this may be worth trying. I also look foward to eating my first slice of ground cherry pie.


At 1/29/2005 3:39 PM, Blogger abigail said...

i also look forward to tasting my first slice of pie.
we'll be down around august. tell leah to make five or so, please...mmmmmmm.


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