Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Little Farmer

The other day someone told John that he was handsome. John's response was priceless. " I'm not handsome, I'm a FARMER." I just smiled. John dosen't know that he is poor. He dose not know that the rest of the world feels sorry for us backwards country folks. John dose know that the other little kids at church can't go to "work" with their daddy and grampa when ever they want. He knows they have never dipped and wiped off a cow. They don't have "cool" pets like baby goats and calves, which are more fun to play with than goldfish. They don't get to spend lunch time pickin' berries in the wooks or setting traps in a muskrat pond. You know, sometimes I think John has done more with his hands at 2 and a half years old than most adults I've met. Yes these are the words of a proud papa. John is proud of his heritage, and he dosen't even know what the word heritage means.


At 1/19/2005 11:15 AM, Blogger Rebecca said...

Well Scott, I am hoping your kids won't be the only ones in our church to have such experiences. Someday, we pray the Lord will provide us with a homestead of our own...but until that time, we have to be content with grabbing opportunities as they come. For proof that Corynn isn't just a wussy-girl in fru-fru dresses, see my blog! I am posting pictures there in honor of YOU! hehehe.


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