Sunday, January 09, 2005


I love Blackberries. Me and little John spend alot of time in the woods that time of year. John can spot berries like no nobody can. Of course the little cuss eats his share before we get back to the truck, but hey... thats half the fun of pickin'. Harvesting wild berries takes alot of time. You have to know which patches are ready and when......and it helps if you can beat Mrs. Johnson to the patch! Dry summers tend to kill alot of the harvest in our area. Last year was a great year, but many times just before they are ready the berries dry up and dehydrate on the vine. This spring we plan on planting a few rows where we can water them and watch them closer. I'm thinking very strongly about planting thornless plants. I hate getting cut up and the kids don't care for it either. They have some thornless hybrids that make alot of fruit. One that I am considering is the
Doyles Thornless There are some others out there, and I am still researching. The Doyle will produce 10 to 20 gallons of berries per plant. Fruit is in large bunches with 40 to 100 berries. The only down side is the price. They sell for $15 a plant, but if they yield like they say they do it could be well worth the money. Sure we'll still pick some wild ones.....good excuse to scout new traplines and look for deer sign, but most of the jelly will hopefully come off the cultivated plants.


At 1/10/2005 4:16 PM, Blogger abigail said...

You'd better let my Mom know ahead of time that the enormous, juicy berries miraculously growing in rows are off-limits. She can smell berries in her sleep, and sometimes even sleep-picks, I think. It's amazing, really. (And we in Depew benefit from her labor, too, with the gifts of delicious homemade jams.} If I taste a Doyle in my berry jam, I'll warn you guys to put up an anti-sleep-picker fence.

At 1/10/2005 5:28 PM, Blogger Matt said...

That's a quite a coincidence! Scott does most of his work while he's sleeping too. Sleep-milking.

I would absolutely love blackberries except for the rascally seeds. By the time I get done eating a few, it feels like I've got at least a seed or two between each one of my pearly whites. I still don't know Why God made such a delicous fruit with so many seeds. O dear blackberry, look to the huckleberry!

At 1/10/2005 7:19 PM, Blogger Leah said...

Mmmm!!! Huckleberries and/or blueberries are my favorite!!! We'll have plenty of those, too!!!

At 1/11/2005 3:35 AM, Blogger reformed farmer said...

Matt said "I would absolutely love blackberries except for the rascally seeds" That is one reason I said JELLY and not jam.


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