Monday, January 31, 2005

The F-Word

In todays sophisticated world of Agri-business the word word Farmer has become a dirty word. In these enlightened times we are now supposed to be called "producers". Yes thats right, Milk producer, Corn producer, and so on and so forth. Now I for one am not ready to trade in my title of Farmer for some meaningless economic term that the global capitalist elite want to pin on my bib overalls. The two words mean different things. A "producer" just produces stuff. He has no moral code which he operates by. It is just a cold, drab economic term that has its place.........but its place isn't describing me and what I do. I am a farmer, and I'm pretty proud of that. Farmers are more than producers. Farmers are stewards of God's wonderful creation. We inherit land and pass it on to our children and they to theirs. We have a vested interest in the land. The farmer's most important crop is their children. Farmers actually like their animals. A farmer's cows have names, those who proudly call themselves "producers" own cattle who have numbers. A farmer can have you point out a cow in the field and then tell you about her mother, grandmother, how much milk she gave last year, what bull he chose to breed her to and why. A "producer" will squint to read the ear tag and say " that's # 5679, I think shes a two year old." "Producers" tend to be glorified pencil pushers who drive around in brand new trucks with a cell phone and a walky-talky strapped to their hip. They can't really do anything, that's why they hire so much help. A real farmer is a vet, nutritionist, plumber, mechanic, welder, accountant, horticulturist, electrician, and a host of other things. No sir, I'm not ready to throw out the time honored title of Farmer. The next time you are talking about me......Feel free to call me the F-word.


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