Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Agrarian Foundation

While clicking links on Chad's Blog , I came across this wonderful website. The Agrarian Fondation must be checked out by anyone who is interested in devoloping a distinctively Christian agrarian culture. I had no idea it even existed until yesterday. Their mission statement says it all.

The mission of The Agrarian Foundation is to change the world by establishing sustainable, largely self-reliant, Covenantal Agrarian communities upon productive landed property throughout the North America and the world.


At 1/29/2005 5:49 PM, Blogger Chad said...

Yep, that's a nice website alright. David Rockett is the author of most of the materials there, and the publisher of The Agrarian Steward. I've learned a lot from David. He is a member of Steve Wilkins' church down in Louisiana, and a fine fellow.


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