Wednesday, June 22, 2005

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I've never met an employee yet that didn't think his boss was an idiot. Nor have I ever met a man that was fired from his job that ever did anything wrong. We live in a culture where men are not required to take any responsibility, so they don't. This is one reason I encourage men to be self-employed. Now, not everyone will or can be self-employed and I realize that. I think that most people who visit this blog are probably pretty capable of doing it if they want to. One of the best parts about being self-employed is that there is no one to blame but yourself when things don't work out. When you feel the urge to call the boss a fool, you are are probably right. The self-employed man is in the rare position to be able to change "the boss" or the "boss's mind" about stuff. Just so you know, my boss is a stubborn man who makes a lot of mistakes. I'm working on getting him to change :)

Heres your chance to pick your favorite to winner of the Jersey Jug. This is the 50 year anniversary. Scroll down the page and click the names to see photos.

The Potential of Dairy Grazing to Protect
Agricultural Land Uses and Environmental
Quality in Rural and Urban Settings

The above link was from a past Stockman Grass Farmer Conference. Those interested in grass farming may enjoy it.


At 6/23/2005 10:38 AM, Blogger Lawrence said...

I have worked for brilliant bosses, and had sought them out to learn from them. I have also worked for fools and theives who have ask me to violate numerous laws of both God and man to gain a penny profit here and there. The end of the latter set was never pretty.

If I may though, an observation on men taking responsibility in this day and age. Taking responsibility, nay, even suggesting that a person or company should, WILL get you fired. That's why so many of the responsible folks are self-employed anymore.

At 6/23/2005 6:31 PM, Blogger reformed farmer said...

Thats a good observation, Lawrence. My comments here were as much about myself as anything else. I consider my self-employment to be a real blessing becouse it forces me to be acountable.


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