Friday, June 17, 2005

A Shock, and some Stuff on Food

A Shocking Experience

For the first time in a while, I got down milking at a reasonable time this evening. Last night the pump that tranfers the milk from the glass jar to the tank quit. The switch shorted out and a wire burned up. It took a while to get it figured out. We had it rigged up so we could milk, till we got the right parts. When I went to manualy pump the jar at the end of milking I got zapped pretty good with the ole 220v. Lit me up like a Christmass tree, scared the crap out of me as well. Its working now.

The Raw Debate

There is a great debate on "raw milk" over at Farmer Buie.

Comments on Real Food, another reason to get back to the land.

I'm lucky, I've never had to eat alot of store bought food. Sure, the basic dry goods we buy, but we even grind our own flour now a days. When I want meat I go to one of the big freezers we have at the farm where we store a couple of steers, a pig, venison, and other meats we raised ourselves or shot in the woods. I get milk out of the tank from my girls that is never more than 2 days old. I collect fresh eggs in the morning before breakfast, many times they are still warm(which cuts cooking time) Every so often we run low on something and have to get some in town. The last time we had store bought eggs at our place was a couple months ago. The women folk had done a lot of baking and I had a renagade egg eating hen that hadn't lost her head yet. Johnny and I do the egg cookin'. I broke one of them things open and a pale runny egg splashed into the pan. Johnny says, "What is that daddy". I say its an egg. Johnny, "Whats wrong with it?". Same thing with milk. I'd rather drink water than drink 2% milk from the store. No wonder we can't get people to drink more milk. It ain't milk if the cream don't raise to the top, and it better be thick. Meat is another thing. Store bought hamberger is nasty. I don't why but the flavor of store bought meats are even off. I'll never forget the first time I saw coolwhip. I don't think half the house wives in America know how to run beater anymore. Why would someone subject themselves to anything but whipped cream I'll never know. Good food is one of lifes greatest pleasures, and its a shame so many people have never had any. I read an article in Farming magazine once about a lady that had city folks over once a year. They came to spend a week in the summer. The wife loved all the great food and asked for the recipes. The next year she came and said she couldn't understand why the food didn't taste as good at home when she cooked it. After quizing the lady, she found out she was using store bought milk and eggs and was substituting coolwhip for whip cream! Another great reason to get back to the land. Hint...fresh blueberries are good. Fresh Blueberries with a cup of heavy cream dumped on is desert! Eat well.


At 6/18/2005 5:00 AM, Blogger trawlerman said...

I was impressed by Kimball when I first saw his chicken plucker, but, I just saw that he's written a book on making homemade garlic powder. I'll definitely be picking up a copy of that in the future...

Herrick, if you're reading this, have you been to the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival or any of the other big garlic festivals? Our family almost went to two different ones last year, but couldn't do it due to my school schedule.

What I miss most of getting milk from you is the cream that Abby would skim that I could use in my coffee. I'm normally a black coffee man (especially when I'm drinking good coffee, but even when I'm drinking crappy mass-produced cheap stuff), but I'll admit that having good cream sometimes adds something nice to a cup.

At 6/18/2005 5:06 AM, Blogger reformed farmer said...

Hey John

I edited my post, cause Herrick had sent an email saying to wait till he started posting before I revealed his blog. I had not seen the everyone else gets wait.

Jersey cream is a wonderfull gift from God. Speaking of God's wonderfull gifts, how did you like the homebrew?

At 6/18/2005 5:20 AM, Blogger reformed farmer said...


I'm reading the garlic powder book. Its a good one.


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