Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Amish Driving Bobcats and More

Its a fine day. 70 Degrees out, suns shining and we have a little hay down. Little John and I got the haybine ready yesterday and dad started mowing a little. I need to get the baler out work out the kinks and quirks. My mother just got back from Indiana to visit her Plain Folk realitives. She got John a little straw hat that he is wearing all over. Cows got out in the woods last night. They came out on the road, about 12 of them. So we had some cow chasing and fence fixing to do before bed. The garden is still doing fine. Having running water up here is a real hoot. I don't miss hauling water up the hill. Mom said the Amish out there can have skidloaders now! She said they were baling hay with horses and then pulling the wagons out of the feild with Bobcats...... that ain't right. She did bring back a nice quilt and got the boys some wooden farm toys.

I liked this article on a sucessfull pastured poultry man. Here is a little bit.....

So if Mike has an unfair advantage in the pastured poultry business, it's certainly hard to locate. Yet here he is, having quit his off-farm job, and enthusiastically launching into an integrated, multi-species enterprise centered on a plan that calls for marketing up to 20,000 frozen chickens grossing $80,000 annually in sales from 60 acres of pasture

If not milking cows in the winter sounds great, check out this one on Seasonal Dairy Grazing. I have always figured that we would be money ahead not milking in the winter, but change comes slow around here, so don't hold your breath.


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