Saturday, March 12, 2005

For The Love Of Money

I think as a culture we some pretty messed up ideas on money. And I'm not talking about the general American culture.....I'm talking about the church. All my Christian life I have witnessed time and time again; people compromising the principles of the faith for the love of money. When it comes to money we can twist, wiggle, invert, and contort the Word of God for the sole purpose of insuring a profit. I have seen men that I respected screw their friends, neighbors and fellow saints in business deals and then try to find scripture that would make it right. Unbelievers always point these folks out to me and want me to explain......its very uncomfortable. This week Chad Degenhart asks the question, When Did Usury Become A Family Value? I hope everyone will check it out. In this post Chad makes this point........

"I also wonder whether the church can even define usury anymore. Some say that usury is not the charging of interest, but the charging of really high rates of interest. Did this definition come from the scriptures, or is it simply a redefinition of the sin which provides justification for our system of modern capitalism? Defining usury as a high rate of interest is like defining gluttony as really gluttonous gluttony - it becomes meaningless and something you can’t objectively apply to any one or any situation in particular. Usury and interest are two words for the same sin. This sin has become almost universally accepted among modern Christians, but this was not always the case. "

Well folks, I've got to wrap this up. I wish I had more time to write on this Blog, but for the time being I don't. Stay tuned next week for some posts on Nettle Recipe's, Companion Planting, and perhaps some more on Specialization.


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