Friday, September 02, 2005

News and Views from a Top the Hill

Its been a little chilly in the mornings lately. The frogs and insects are all making their fall noises now, and it serves to remind this countryboy to get working on winter preperation. Lots to do, thats for sure. If I blog less often than ussual, thats what I'm doing.

This week I've been getting to know a new freind that just moved to the area and our church. David is looking for work now, so pray the Lord would provide him one soon. He and his family are great people. It didn't take long for the two us to hit off. We share almost indenticle veiws on civil government, theology, economics, birth control, modern culture, and so on. We had to laugh at how much we think alike. He said he was scared he'd scare me off with his ideas and told him I had the same fears! I thank God for sending him and his family our way.

We got a brand new refrigerator! You guessed right, we didn't buy it. My inlaws bought it for us. We are sure thankfull. Never owned a new appliance before. Last couple of years we have been having terrible luck with used fridges. Regular visiters ussualy ask we they come in if the reformed beverages in in the fridge or the cooler by the door. Its been the cooler as often as the fridge it seems. So next time you drop in for a visit, it may be the first time we have had running Hot (yes I said hot) and cold water, a toilet that flushes without the use of a 5 gallon pail, and beverages that are machanicly cooled.

Read recently that all the "new jobs" that Bush and Co are talking about are, as I had supposed, in large part not real jobs. Half or more are service jobs or taxfunded jobs that don't create a single tangible good that can be used, consumed, or exported. I could go on about the economics of this and why it stinks, but I think there is another point to made. Think of the toll this has on men and the society they live in. Our culture is suffering from "service economies". Men work 40 hours a week and at the end of the week they can't look a single tangible thing and say, "I made that". Why do you think the "hobby industry" is so profitable? Men must make something with their hands, even if its a model car or something. I realize that some must do service type work and can do so to God's glory, but I think the average Joe needs to make something to feel useful. I also think an economy built on people servicing each other is built on house of cards. Do I feel a breeze?

We should all be praying that our friend Matt Davis and his kin made it out of New Orleans all right and are in good shape. I miss his emails and comments. Matt, we're thinkin' of ya.

One good thing that came out Katrina

Bret McAtee For Senate!

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