Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Canned Goods, Split Wood, a Wedding and Links for Your Enjoyment

Well Folks, we've been pretty busy round here lately. We've been working on getting the canning finished up and the pantry filled. Looks like another lean winter for the farm, money wise, so we're trying to get all our ducks in a row before the snows 6 ft deep and its blowing and howling out. We left the farmhouse last winter and moved up here on the hill homestead. We heated with oil last winter and it about broke the bank. We heat the main house, which houses mom, dad, and granny, with wood. I'm putting a wood stove here before winter. Now we need to gather up wood for two places, so I'll need to get crackin soon. Hope to pull out some logs this week and get started. I've had some nice emails regarding my post "No Land... No Problem". I'm real exited about this idea being a way for folks to get their hands into farming while they patiently wait for land. I got a call the other night asking if I wanted to be in a wedding. My answer of "yes" was followed by questions like, "What size Carhart do ya wear? and Got black boots?". Yes folks, this is a real countrified hillbilly affair complete with roasted hog and plenty of brew. I'm looking forward to seeing a bunch of folks I haven't seen in many years.

Now The Globalist Are After Our Vitamins

Our friend "Balestacker" has a Blog now.

In his words.....

A blog for and about, bible thumpin', gun totin', beer drinkin', one woman lovin', benevolent dictator dads. Others are welcome too... just don't expect to jump in and run things, cuz you're in my world now.

Chad Degenhart takes a look at How the Amish View Insurance and asks Does Disobedience To God’s Laws Promote Economic Growth?

Wisdom from the Northern Farmer....
Sometimes I think if brains were leather some of these people wouldn't have enough to saddle a gnat.

From New Farm-- The first and most important step toward effective pricing-- Cost concepts.

The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11


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