Thursday, March 03, 2005

Long Camping Trip, Home Birth, Birth Control, and The Whole Sheebang

Hello All,

Well, we set the computer up at the farm house. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. Perhaps I can get back to posting on here more often. We still don't have a phone or water up on the hill. I have had alot of problems with the furnace up there. Keep waking up and finding the house the same temp as outdoors.......cold. The snow is waist deep to a tall Indian, and it drifts like crazy up there. We are once again living the hard life.........and we seem to go out of our way to live like this! I told my wife yesterday that marrying me was like signing on for a really long camping trip. Poor girl seldom has had running water, steady heat, or any money since she said "yes". We left for Alaska a few days after the wedding, and realy moving back here has not been much different than it was up there.

Kelly Degenhart has a good post on Home Birth this week. As you may or may not know we have home births at our place too! Anyway, check out her essay. If you think home births are strange you should read my thoughts on Birth Control.

If you are looking for some homesteading reading (and don't mind ignoring libertarian nonsence in the editorials) Backwoods Home Magazine has a good deal right now called The Whole Sheebang.


At 3/03/2005 4:50 PM, Blogger Matt said...

You haven't posted in a while and I thought you went to that big snowstorm in the sky!

At 1/15/2013 3:28 AM, Anonymous Cisneros said...

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